About Us

Covenant exists to encourage all people to pursue a lifelong, joyous relationship with Jesus Christ. Our history dates back to 2002, when a small group of people, founded a new church in Paris, Texas. We are an evangelical church in relationship with the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ denomination. We are independent, governed by our own leaders and not the denomination.


Sunday Mornings

About 250 to 300 people attend Covenant each Sunday, and we have many volunteers working hard to make sure all visitors are welcomed and encouraged.

Our congregation spans a wide range of ages and backgrounds. The pastors encourage all to dress comfortably and causally, but you are welcome to choose your own style—from jeans to business suits. CCC is a contemporary church, using a variety of resources to enhance the worship experience. The music is contemporary and upbeat, videos, skits, and messages are designed to inspire and challenge all generations through the Word. Each service lasts for one hour and a half. Children and youth are welcome to attend worship services, but we also offer a variety of Sunday-morning programs for children, and a “family room” for your use if the children become uncomfortable. Youth play a large part in our worship experience and we believe they are to be seen and heard. Youth are also a major part of our worship team.